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Damage to your possessions is a serious matter when making a residential move and anyone who is moving on their own or using a moving company should always be aware of anything that occurs to their furnishings.

In the majority of moves there is large furniture that can make for awkward lifting and maneuvering and this always increases the chances for damage. No matter if it is residential or commercial business move these items are important and must be maintained to hold their original appearance and be kept in the best shape possible.

Damage can occur in any number of ways during the moving process and the use of proper moving techniques and equipment will help to stave off any scratches and nicks, breakage, stains and soiling and bumps.

With upholstered items watch for tears and stretches in its fabric, as well as spots that were not there before. Desks, lamps, tables and chairs, bookshelves and other large items can be dinged and disfigured and if there are any intricate designs on them you will want these well protected.

Every Atlanta moving company and truck rental company offers moving blankets, shrink wrap and other packing materials that will make for a much safer move for you and your possessions. Bubble wrap is also very effective with dishes and other fragile things to absorb any impact from hits, falls and drops.

Any time you are in the process of making a move locally in Atlanta or outside of the city or state and you are using an Atlanta moving company make certain to inspect all of your furniture and belongings prior to anything being loaded on to a truck. If you have hired the company to also do your packing for you inspect each item while it is being packed and make sure that nothing has been altered or damaged.

You will do yourself a large favor by requesting that a manager or supervisor is on hand when you do this, as well, so that they can confirm what you are inspecting and if there is any damage that arises from the move it can be proven that it was caused in transit, while being loaded or unloaded. Many moving companies will gladly provide this service for the entire move from start to finish, all you simply have to do is ask.

It is up to you to see that your belongings leave and arrive in the same condition they were in before the move and while the insurance that a moving company offers is an advantage, it may not cover up to the amount of the damage incurred as most insurance moving companies provide has coverage at about sixty cents per pound. You can always ask to upgrade the coverage at a reasonable price, however in many cases you can find third party insurance coverage at a cheaper price.

Remember if packing to do a good job and not leave anything breakable loose as this invites breakage and be there to over see that your move is done the right way!

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